A List Of 7 Beds To Choose From For Your New Bedroom

If you are in the process of replacing your bedroom furniture, a new bed should be on your shopping list. New furniture has the power of providing a feel-good vibe. Choosing a new bed can be a bit challenging since there are so many models to choose from. What matters is to pick one that is in line with other pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

7. Lucia Medallion Bed

If you have the budget for a wooden classic bed, the Lucia Medallion is a good choice. It is made with a walnut-grain finish and golden accents. It is inspired by Italian bed designs from the 19th century and can be found only in queen or king sizes.

6. Coastal Living Paia Bed Headboard

The Coastal Living Paia Headboard bed may not be suitable for everyone. Paired with the right furniture and in a bedroom with plenty of natural light, the rustic weave design will offer both relaxation and comfort. The bed is available only in king size.

5. Alessia Bed Antique Brass

Beds with metal frames are still popular. What is important is the finish applied to the metal. The Alessia Bed comes in an antique brass finish which sets it apart. It has a simple design with a low-profile box spring and graceful curves.

4. Reclaimed Oak Modern 4-Poster Bed

The Reclaimed Oak poster bed is the kind of bed you would imagine in a beach house or a house in the countryside. It has a simple frame with a whitewash finish. It also has a frame that allows you to add draping on top. The bed is made entirely out of oak and can be found in two different sizes.

3. Rayna Leather Platform Bed

One of the main advantages of getting a leather platform bed is the fact that it is easy to clean. Leather beds are much easier to maintain. The Rayana Leather Platform bed has a practical yet luxurious vibe to it. The dark brown leader and the generous foam padding add an extra layer of comfort and support.

2. Novak Platform Bed

The Novak Platform bed is ideal for the ones that like simple designs. Covered with clean linen available in six different colors, the bed is not only stylish but affordable as well. It has a soft padding for the headboard and it uses a pine wood frame.

1. Crystal Cove Bed Sailcloth

The Crystal cove bed is only available in a single color. Its light beige color mimics the color of sand. The wooden frame has soft padding to provide support and comfort for the headboard while the rest of the bed is made entirely out of elmwood. It has a conservatory yet luxurious design.

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