What Are The Top 7 Easy Care Plants You Know?

Do you love growing small easy care plants? If so, the following plants suit your demand without a second thought.

Here is the list of 7 easy care plants

1.Peperomia Obtusifolia

This easy-care plant is also called a baby rubber plant. It is identified by thick leaves at its first appearance. The plant is unique and differs in size. It grows tall with much foliage. Once a year it gives white flowers

2. Hoya Heart

This easy-care plant has heart-shaped leaves that are green in color. Hence, the name hoya heart is given to this plant. This plant is partially rooted without a node. It is easy to grow plants without much effort.

3.Snake Plant Laurentii

This snake plant has sword-like leaves. The yellow edges of the leaves are unique and attractive. The air purifying capabilities of the plant is a major advantage. This unique plant is medium tall with much foliage at the top

4. Silver Satin

This easy-care plant does require low maintenance. This silvery variegation of the Silver Satin plant reflects light. Easy propagation of the plant is of major merit. The plants' size and shape vary in different seasons. The height of the plant is 4-8" tall.

5. Large Snake Laurentii

This large snake easy-care plant has sharp leaves with yellow edges. The easy-to-grow nature and drought tolerance feature is an attractive part of the plant. It grows 24-36" tall and has foliage in the top

6. ZZ Plant

This low-maintenance plant has waxy green leaves. Its rhizomes store water and are drought tolerant. The plant is one-of-a-kind and comes in a variety of forms. It may reach a height of 16-24 feet "

7. Ric Rac Cactus

This low-maintenance plant is a good example of a pet-friendly plant. It is easy to maintain and grows to a height 5-10" tall. It is unique in size and shape.

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