7 Desks That Are Worth Getting for a Home Office

A lot of people started working from home. This means an increasing demand for desks. As long as you work from home, you need to have your desk set up properly. It can boost your productivity and it is better for your back and posture. Choosing the right desk is a matter of personal preference but some are better than others.

7. Ezra Desk

The Ezra Desk is a bit more compact. It is not meant to be used with a regular desktop computer. However, it is fitting for a laptop and some office supplies. Its white finish and two drawers make it practical and stylish.

6. Ambrose Desk

If you like desks that mimic a work table, the Ambrose desk is a viable choice. With a metal frame and a Marble finish, the desk looks and feels premium. It is suitable for all types of office work and it offers a large enough surface.

5. Indie Desk

The Indie desk is one of those desks that impresses through its simplicity. It has a large enough work surface and some added practicality with its large drawer. The desk has an oak finish which makes it look more natural and pleasant to the touch.

4. Fletcher Desk

High-quality desks are not necessarily expensive. The Fletcher desk is both affordable and practical. Made from lacquered MDF, the desk is painted in black and has a black metal frame. At the same time, the desk is fairly compact making it easy to find a spot for it even in a crowded room.

3. Douglas Desk

The Douglas desk uses a classic design and elevates it. It has a metal frame with reinforcements, two large drawers, and a stylish choice of colors. The top working surface is painted in black while the faucets of the drawers have a natural wood color.

2. Mia Desk

If you need plenty of work surfaces for a desktop computer and some office supplies, the Mia desk offers more than enough. The metal frame and reinforcement provide plenty of support while the drawer and storage area makes it easy to stay organized.

1. Anders Desk

The Anders desk takes inspiration from classic desks. It was designed to work well with classic furniture. The desk is made with a black finish from natural wood. With plenty of shelves and storage spaces, the desk makes it easy to manage your office supplies and keep everything in its own designated space.

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