9 Pillows, Beddings and Cushions for Comfort and Style

At home, you would want to be comfortable when you are sitting down or when you are lying on your bed. This is why you need pillows, wedges, bedding & seat cushions that support your body. Brentwood Home offers a variety of products which include the aforementioned. Their product offerings are made of high-quality materials and are very comfortable. They are also stylish too that they will match the aesthetics of your home. Here are 9 pillows, beddings, and seat cushions from Brentwood Home that you should now add to your cart and purchase.

1. Seat Cushions

These are seat cushions that will surely make your sitting experience more comfortable. You can place these seat cushions on deck chairs or on the driver's seat of your car. You may also choose between cooling charcoal-infused memory foam or organic certified latex.

2. Lumbar Pillow

You need this item if you will be sitting for a long period of time. Aside from the support of the seat cushion to your butt, you also need to support your back with a lumbar pillow. This pillow is made with charcoal-infused memory foam and it is ergonomic to relieve both your lower and mid-back from pain.

3. Restorative Leg Lift Cushion + Replacement Covers

You need this leg cushion if you want to reduce back and knee pain. This pillow is great for blood circulation too.

4. Linen Throw Blankets

These are linen throw blankets that are made with 100% linen. They come in indigo blue or gray color. These blankets are very comfortable to the touch and they are perfect for summer. They are also lightweight and machine-washable.

5. Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow

Are you having trouble with your sleep? Try out these activated charcoal-infused memory foam pillows with natural cooling. They are completely vegan and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. These pillows might give you the best sleep in years.

6. Oceano Gel Memory Foam Pillow

If you did not like the previous pillows or you want something different, then you can get this pillow with cooling gel memory foam and BioFoam. They are very comfortable and are also eco-friendly. They also have zipper access so that you may adjust the height of the pillow for your sleeping style.

7. Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Protect your mattress from spillage with this mattress protector. It is waterproof and machine-washable. It is also very comfortable too. It is fitted and 100% GOTS certified. This mattress protector also does not have a crinkly noise and it is breathable.

8. Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets

Sleep comfortably in these soft sheets that get better with each wash. They are available in 400 or 600 thread count of the single-ply weave. For these cotton sheets, you may choose from slate gray, white, natural, and seafoam for the colors.

9. Oceano Wedge Pillow

This is another type of pillow that you should get at home. It is perfect for sleeping but it also works well when you are doing other activities like reading or watching television. It has a gradual slope that supports the back. The shape of the pillow is also great at reducing pain in the neck and shoulders.

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