A Simple DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf


DIY outdoor plant shelf is an easy way to have a space for plants outside your home. This type of gardening is easy and inexpensive, and can also be done in a small house or apartment.

Materials You Will Need

– Folding table (any color or shape)

– Wood planks

– Screws

– Nylon screws (useful for wood)

The Process of Plant Shelf Construction

1. Find a place in the house that has a lot of sunlight.

Usually, the kitchen can do, because it is usually well lit. Make sure you have enough room to fit the shelf. You can always play around with shapes, so don’t worry if your kitchen does not have an appropriate space for one.

2. Find an old folding table and clean it up. Choose a color that will match your home’s decor, or create a new design style. You can also paint it a bright color if you want, but make sure you seal the paint to make sure moisture does not reach the table and cause rust or mold.

3. Find wood planks to create your shelf base/backing/wall organizer space. You can use a combination of wood sizes, such as 1x4s and 1x6s. Be sure to use a minimum of 8 pieces, so the shelves do not fall apart. You will also need 12 planks of the same size.

4. Lay the planks in a rectangular arrangement and make sure they are flat and tight against each other. You can use a longboard to help you get it right, then switch sides and keep doing this until you have all of them done. You will need to make sure the planks are at a right angle to the walls and make sure they are straight.

5. If needed, sand the planks down with fine-grit sandpaper until they are smooth. Make sure to use a palm sander or other heavy-duty sanding tool, as it will help you get it smooth and flat. After that, dry them in the shade for about 20 minutes to harden them up. Then paint over them with your chosen color for an even finish. Let the paint dry overnight.

6. Find a place to set the shelf up and put it together. Make sure to get it in a spot that is dry and has plenty of light. It is best not to do this in the rain or on a wet surface, as water can cause the wood to swell up and warp. After you are done putting it together, go ahead and add plants!

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