Family Room Perfect Decoration Ideas


As the holidays approach, some may be wondering what they can do with their family room to make it festive. Here are some ideas that may help you, whether your family room is small or large.

1. Tree

A small living room tree can be a great decoration, especially if you have limited space to work with. Use a fake one and decorate it to look realistic by sticking Christmas decorations all over it and hanging lights on the branches. You can also switch out the lights for LED ones and use accent lighting to give your tree some visual interest.

2. Scones

We know that real scones are too heavy and therefore difficult to move, but maybe you can get away with using a light pastry, like a mini-Sweetie’s Morning Buns. If you’re not interested in making an attempt, some stores sell traditional scones in season. Whatever you decide on, it will look festive if decorated with red and green sherbet berry slices and topped with whipped cream.

3. Wreaths

If your family room has a fireplace, you can make a wreath out of cinnamon sticks, gumdrops and cranberries. These are some of the ingredients used to make homemade pumpkin pie, so replace the cinnamon with pumpkin spice. You can also use chocolate syrup for the liquid. Make sure you get a large wreath that is wide enough to sit on top of the fireplace opening. This way, when you look above it, all you will see is red and green candies.

4. Art

You can find many family room wall art ideas online. Some of the most popular ones are the three-dimensional pieces that give a room a cozy feel. Look for wreaths and candles, especially one with a beautiful scent that will fill your house not only during the holidays but all year long.


These family room decoration ideas will give your living room a very festive feel. However, it’s still important to keep the flow of the room intact. Try to stay organized and avoid clutter by only having as many decorations as you can fit on your fireplace mantle, for instance.

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