Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen


In a world where people are constantly on the go, it can be difficult to find time for cooking. With that said, below is a list of small kitchen hacks that will help you maximize storage space and make the most out of your cooking area;

1) Spice Rack

This is a simple hack that will help you maximize space in your kitchen. You can use this for your spices and even for other utensils and yummy food items such as nuts, chocolate, and dried fruits. This will create more space in the kitchen, which will allow you to place more items when cooking.

2) Utilize Wall Space

If you have wall space available, then you should use it! For example, above are cupboards that are installed right above the stove and the countertop. You can install spice racks or storage shelves directly above. If there are shelves above the sink, then you can put in hanging utensils and pots.

3) Utilize Closet Space

If you have enough closet space, then you should utilize them to their fullest potential! Imagine that there are a bunch of cupboards that are used for storage, but the closet is located right underneath them. You can install a shelf right above the closet so that you can use the space in the closet for storage.

4) Organize Kitchen Drawers

If you have kitchen drawers, then make sure that you store only the required items. For example, if you have a drawer that is intended to hold kitchen utensils and another one that is intended to hold your plates and other dishes. You should organize them in such a way that niche utensils are located in one drawer and your other dishes are located in another. This will help you maximize the storage space in a kitchen drawer without the need to purchase additional kitchen drawers.


These kitchen hacks will help you make the most out of your kitchen. Use the free space above your kitchen countertops, spice rack, and wall space for storage. Organize your drawers to maximize their storage capacity and you can even store items in your closet.

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