Top 7 Custom Chair Covers of 2022

Custom chair covers can change the color and texture of your seats. In addition, they safeguard your chairs from dirt, water, dust, and moderate water conditions. Here are our best picks.

1. Chair Cover - Design 1

This tailor-made chair cover is designed to fit any chair size. It’s made of PVC-coated polyester and 1000 denier to ensure durability. The cover is waterproof and tear-resistant for year-round use. It comes in black, brown, blue, beige, white, and grey colors.

2. Chair Cover – Design 3

This is one of the best custom chair covers that show the uniqueness of your home. It features a tear-resistant material and is available in all shapes and sizes. The measurements are 15-inches (back height), 12-inches (width), and 11-inches (front height). This chair cover is made of PVC-coated polyester, thus ideal for moderate weather. It’s abrasion-resistant and feels like vinyl.

3. Rocking Chair Covers –design

This cover is designed for rocking chairs of different sizes and shapes. It’s made of a durable fabric and offers protection from dirt, dust, and harsh weather conditions. The dimensions are 32 inches (back height), 24 inches (front height), and 30 inches (wide). This cover is abrasion and UV-resistant.

4. Chair Cover - Design 6

This cover is made of 100% waterproof and UV resistant material. It features a custom tie-down for added protection. The cover can be personalized with a name and image. This cover is tear and abrasion-resistant and feels like vinyl.

5. Chaise Lounge Cover – Design 11

This is a UV and tear-resistant fabric for year-round use. It features easy access handles and a tie-down option for easy cleaning. The chaise lounge cover is 100% waterproof. It comes in black, white, beige, gray, brown, and blue colors.

6. Recliner Covers – Design

This custom cover can fit a recliner of any size and shape. It covers your seat from dirt and harsh weather conditions. This recliner cover is tear and mildew-resistant. You can personalize it with a logo or monogram.

7. Chair Cover - Design 13

The chair cover (design 13) safeguards your chair from dirt, dust, or water. This fabric is abrasion and waterproof resistant. It comes in fixed size and is PU coated.

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