Top 7 Traeger Rubs & Seasonings That You Can Buy Online

Because variety is the true spice of life, maybe you should go ahead and spice things up with Traeger rubs & seasonings. So, whether you are grilling or smoking you can try out these rubs and seasonings to make the recipe more spicy, sweet, savory, and unique.

1. Pork And Poultry Rub

Give your chicken and pork ad added dose of amazing flavor with Traeger’s Pork and Poultry Rub . While honey and apple bring sweet notes, chili pepper, onion, and paprika add savory notes and make the meat milder.

2. Wbeef Rub

If you want to experience something different from the brisket, steaks, or burgers, try out Traeger’s Beef RubX. Perfectly blended to taste like beef, it has notes of chili powder, onion, paprika, and molasses.

3. Prime Rib Rub

Want to give your beef the perfect flavor that they deserve? Try Traeger’s Prime Rib Rubto bring out the savory, sweet features of garlic and rosemary flavors on thick steaks, prime rib, or any other cuts of beef.

4. Fin And Feather Rub

Another great product from Traeger that promises to amplify the flavor of everything from trout to turkey. The Fin and Feather Rub features onion, garlic, and little spiciness to bring out the best of fish flavor in your recipes.

5. Chicken Rub

From turkey burgers to roasted chicken, use Traeger Chicken Rub for a flavorful blast. It comes with chili powder and black pepper alongside cane sugar and citrus to add that perfect balance to your poultry.

6. Coffee Rub

Traditional spices such as black pepper, paprika, and garlic get elevated from cocoa and coffee to bring a bold flavor to almost every recipe that you shake with Traeger Coffee Rub.

7. Anything Rub

As the name suggests, you can use Traeger Anything Rub on everything from veggies and grilled meats to soups and even scrambled eggs. It consists of a blend of garlic, peppercorns, salt, and other spices.

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