7 Best New Plants That You Can Buy Online

Satisfy your quest for buying new plants online without the need to visit a nursery. Here are the 7 best plants that help you spruce your home at an affordable price.

1. Ficus Burgundy

Known for its latex sap and burgundy leaves, the Ficus Burgundy was once used to produce rubber. While this plant looks gorgeous, keep it out of reach of curious children and pets. Besides, provide a lot of indirect light for the plat to retain its dramatic foliage.

2. Peperomia Raindrop

The Peperomia Raindrop is known for its thick green leaves and compact growing habit that makes it a perfect addition to your living space. Moreover, you can keep it around curious dogs and cats because it’s a pet-friendly houseplant.

3. Button Fern

With mesmerizing button-like leaflets and delicate stems, the Button Fern is indeed a tough little fern that is popular for its adorable looks. Apart from being pet-friendly, the Button Fern can withstand varying temperatures as well.

4. Fluffy Ruffles Fern

Similar to the Boston fern, the Fluffy Ruffles Fern can adjust to high humidity and low light conditions. However, it has a compact and smaller shape. Also, it is non-toxic and pet-friendly.

5. The Spring Duo

The collection comes with two easy-care plants, Tradescantia Pink Panther and Peperomia Obtusifolia, whose textures and colors are more about presenting seasonal vibes. Besides, this Spring Duo bundle comes with a ceramic message pop that says “You grow, girl”.

6. Tradescantia Pink Panther

Popular for its tiny green and pink variegated leaves, the Tradescantia Pink Panther has colorful foliage and bears trailing stems when the plant matures. These small plants can measure between two and five inches tall.

7. Alocasia Polly

Popularly known as an elephant’s ear plant, the Alocasia Polly features arrow-shaped and dark green-colored leaves along with white veins that have higher contrast. The plant stores in its stems and could be hypersensitive to overwatering. So, water it when the potting mix is dry.

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