Kitchenware Bundles from Our Place

Our Place offers a wide variety of kitchen wares that are made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials such as recycled glass and natural sand. All products are free from plastics that are designed to be used efficiently in your kitchens.

Best Kitchenware Bundles:

Dinner for Four

Perfect for a family of four, this bundle includes porcelain plates, nesting bowls that come in the right size, stackable glasses, and the famous Always Pan.

Home Cook Duo

It includes a pan and a casserole that can be used for baking, frying, boiling foods, and other cooking processes that traditionally use different pots and pans. Aside from the pot and pan, the bundle also includes a Beechwood Spoon designed to be placed on the pot itself.

Set the Table

A set complete with main and side plates and bowls that are hand-painted and will match any kitchen theme.

Basics Bundle

This bundle is a set of dinnerware including main plates and drinking glasses. A perfect bundle for a family of four.

Fully Prepped Bundle

A good bundle for making food preparations amazing includes the Knife Trio bundle and a walnut cutting board to make the slicing of foods accurate and beautifully looking on serving platters.

Knife Trio

A three-piece knife bundle that provides sharpness on chopping which is essential in food preparation. It includes Our Place’s Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife, and Precise Paring Knife. All knives can be used for any food texture.

Tabletop Set

All dinnerware included on the set is stackable, making you save space on your kitchen storage. The main plates and side bowls included in the bundle are all-porcelain and the drinking glasses are made from durable glass.

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