7 Fine Seedlings That You Can Grow At Home

There are many ways to stay healthy and one of them is to eat a lot of green vegetables. You can easily buy them in the shops but what if you can grow them yourself? Yes with the correct seedlings you can grow them yourself. Today we will list 7 fine seedlings that you can grow at your home.

Snow Pea

This is a dual-purpose pea for either to be used as sweet pods or pea tendrils * The bottom level is the best farmstand placement * The growing season is fall, winter, and early spring

2) Oregano

The taste that comes every summer and you should not miss it. * The growing season is spring, summer, and fall * The harvest method is to cut and come again

3) Classic Butter Lettuce

Want tasty lettuce for your salad then this is the seedling you need. * The growing seasons are all year round in mild climates * The final harvest is in 6 weeks

4) Spinach

Get as strong as Popeye by eating this raw or cooked * The growing season is in winter * Best farmstand placement is at any level

5) Shishito Peppers

If you want it hot then you should try to add this seedling to your menu * The growing season is summer * The first harvest is in 8 weeks

6) Frisee Endive

This green endive can be used in any of your salad mixings to make it even tastier * The harvest method will be to have a full harvest * The growing season is fall, winter, and early spring

7) Mint

This herb can be mixed with any cooking to make it sweet and savory * The first harvest is in 4 weeks * The final harvest is in 6 weeks

Getting to eat from our own crop is a proud moment and that can come true when you start looking for the shop called “Lettuce grow” for your seedlings. Click the link below to get more info

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