Top 7 Products To Improve Your Sleep Comfort

Some people need specific conditions for sleep. There are only a few comfort sleep systems on the market. We have compiled a list of top products that can help you sleep well. Some sleep product support items are also part of this list.

Bedjet 3 Bed Climate Control System

It is perfect for people who like the same temperature for sleep. It provides rapid air-based heating and cooling. It can also help in sweat drying. You can use a remote control to adjust the settings. It synchronizes with your sleep rhythms to give you better sleep.

Dual-zone Climate Comfort System

It is a perfect system for couples who like to sleep at different temperatures. You can adjust it to cool the whole bed or some parts. It has two wires and LCD controls for dual climate zone control.

Certified Bedjet 3 Special

If you want to enjoy the perfect bed temperature with a low budget, you can use the refurbished version. It has all the features of a new machine. You will get a two years warranty. The company will repair the product without asking who is responsible for the fault.

Cloud Sheet Accessory

It is a 100 percent pure cotton bedsheet. You can get it for the single and double zone products. It has specialized inner chambers for better airflow. You can wash it in the washing machine as it is a durable sheet. The company gives 60 days warranty if there are some issues with the sheet.

Bedjet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

If you love aromatherapy, this product is for you. It is a specialized nozzle with a chamber to put the essential oils. You can pul out the chamber and add a few drops of the essential oils. When you put it back, air will take the oil vapors with it. You will get five diffuser filters with the aromatherapy kit.

Bedjet Flat Hose Accessory

If your bed has an unusual shape, the round hose may not fit. You can get the flat hose accessory. It has a rectangular-shaped opening for the flat profile beds. It is easy to adjust the airflow with this extension. You cannot use the aromatherapy upgrade with this accessory.

Bedjet 3 Air Filter Replacement

The machine has an air filter at the back. You can wash it and place it back. There is no need to replace the filter as it does not expire. People buy an extra filter to save time on washing. They can place the new filter at night and wash the dirty one in the morning.

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