Top 6 Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets can provide optimal comfort and security. You can get better sleep and manage your stress and anxiety. Here are the top 6 weighted blankets you can consider having to improve your sleep quality.

1. Cotton Napper

Cotton Napper uses breathable and organic soft cotton to become a preferable choice regardless of the weather condition. Once you have this weighted blanket, you can sleep better. You will wake up refreshed every morning. While sleeping, your body weight will stimulate serotonin production and reduce your stress level.

2. Napping

Napping can give the desired comfort and safety to your little one. As it has relaxing effects, your kid can sleep comfortably for longer after day-long activities. Also, the material is organic cotton and 100% biodegradable. You will find it soft and highly breathable as well.

3. Velvet Napper

Velvet Napper is an eco-velvet and lustrous blanket that combines optimal comfort and the desired support. You will love the soft, luxurious, and sung feeling. It can aid your sleep cycles naturally. Therefore, you can get deep sleep every night.

4. Tree Napper

Tree Napper uses natural eucalyptus fiber and feels soft and comfortable. However, it can be perfect for hot sleepers. The material will make your body relaxed and calm. It will increase the production of the happy hormone. Also, it will manage cortisol production. Therefore, you can expect calming and relaxing effects.

5. Hugger

Hugger is a cotton blanket that you can use for queen and king-size beds. It can be ideal for couples. It can cover the entire bed and give the most needed rest. Even the tallest person can have this blanket. It will distribute the weight evenly and support serotonin production.

6. Travel Napper

Travel Napper can enable you to take comfort with you wherever you go. Yes, it is a travel-weighted blanket and can be the best for frequent travelers. Also, it will have a convenient duffel bag to make transportation easy.

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