How We Decorated Our New House For The Holidays

Decorating a house for holidays is never easy when you’re just getting started. But, luckily, the internet makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect holiday decorating ideas. Here’s how we decorated our new house for the holidays;

1) Personalized ornaments:

We wanted to have personalized ornaments and with Christmas being the big holiday, we wanted to create them before Christmas and give them before our Christmas tree. We found this great blog post that showed us how to make our wooden ornaments.

We painted our wooden ornaments before Christmas.

2) Guest Room Christmas Trees:

When we moved into our new house, one of the rooms was an unfinished basement. We decided to turn it into a small guest room for when we have guests. We did not want the room to be empty, so we decided to decorate it with a Christmas tree. We put both trees in front of each other; on the right is our new Christmas tree and on the left is our old family Christmas tree.

3) Family pictures:

We wanted to fill our house with family pictures and we wanted to display them as well. We found some great picture frames at IKEA, they were simple glass frames that were easy to put up, and they also came with nails. They were the perfect size for us; small enough so that they would not take up too much space on the wall but big enough so that you could see our largest picture. The best part about them is that all of them have a hook for us to hang ornaments off of as well. We hung pictures of both our immediate family and extended family.

4) Cinnamon sticks

The thought of cinnamon sticks was one that my mom brought up. The idea is that instead of having cinnamon sticks on your table, you will hang them off your wall for decoration and to allow for easy reach for the people at the dining room table. So, we went out and bought some cinnamon sticks and some pretty string to hang them with.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and that you are inspired to create your own holiday decorating ideas. Enjoy the holidays!

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