FAQS About Modern Fireplace Mantel

Modern fireplace mantel refer to the style that uses a simple course of bricks on an exposed face, with a raised hearth. While this style is considered modern, its origins date back to when fireplaces were made from dried mud and straw. The fireplace mantel is usually fashioned as part of a project or remodeling done by the homeowner.

FAQS About Modern Fireplace Mantel

1. How to modernize your fire place mantel?

Answer: There are several ways to modernize your fireplace mantel to make it fit the style of the modern home. Either buy a new fireplace or remodel you existing one. Removing the fireplace mantel can be an image determinant as well; especially if it looks too old. Redecorating by simply replacing the mantel with a better looking stone will often work well, though; this is because of its durability which makes it a practical option for daily use.

2. Where can I get a modern fireplace mantel?

Answer: If you want to buy a new mantel, many companies offer this product. You should always look for the right style and material when considering getting one installed professionally. Take some time and investigate different options before going ahead with the purchase.

3. Is it hard to modernize a fireplace mantel?

Answer: Modernizing a fireplace is not difficult in itself. It can also be done without much of a struggle when the right materials are used. However, you must take into consideration the current space you want to place your fireplace mantel in to avoid any problems down the road. A simple plan will serve you well when trying to camouflage the existing design of your fireplace with the new and improved one.

4. Can I get an ornate fireplace mantel?

Answer: There are many ways of getting an ornate fireplace mantel. You can also go for other types of designs to make it look unique. The article below has some interesting suggestions on getting a custom made mantel in your home.

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