How We Decorated The Beach House

So, you’ve just bought a beach house and it’s looking pretty sparse. What do you do? You could always just stock up on random beach towels, an assortment of beach chairs and umbrellas, and maybe a couple of boogie boards. Or you could take it to the next level with a little bit more thought.

So What We Did

1) First off we decided to put a little bit of structure into the place. We started by painting the walls. We ended up using a light brown color from Benjamin Moore called Buckwheat.

2) Next we added some artwork to break up the space and give it more of an artsy, beachy feel.

3) We also put up a couple of new lights. One of them is an old Moroccan fisherman’s light and the other is an Ikea hanging pendant light. It gives off a pretty decent amount of light for being the cheapest option.

4) We decided to pick up some shelving from home goods to create our “beach library”. It looks like it’s stocked with some books. And it fits right in with the beach aesthetic.

5) Our orange and blue striped beach towels add a pop of color to the place. Plus they’re super soft and plush.

6) We added some seating in the same tones as our umbrella. They’re not the most comfortable chairs but they tie in well with the palette that we have going on here.

7) Up next, is our sectional couch. We put it smack dab in the middle of the living room for a little bit of seating. And we covered some of the pillows with white and orange striped ones to add a pop of color.

8) The bedroom is lined with more white and orange striped towels and sheets. The shades are also from home goods. They’re soft and comfy, but they don’t make me feel like I’m sleeping on a dreamy beach vacation. So, I don’t want to sleep in them. Obviously.

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