7 Healthy Non-GMO Seeds

Genetically modified (GMO) seeds are not natural. Hence, many people avoid them. But, the market is full of GMO vegetables and fruits. So, you should grow your own non-GMO plants and herbs.

Below you can find 7 non-GMO seeds. These seeds are healthy and they will give you nutritious herbs and vegetables.

7 Healthy Non-GMO Seeds

1) Red Acre Cabbage

It will take only 6 to 14 days to grow these seeds. The cabbage can reduce bad cholesterol and you can use it to garnish your dishes.

2) Cilantro

Cilantro tastes great and it's a powerful antioxidant. It would take around 30 days to grow them. Then, enjoy its magical aroma on your dishes.

3) Cucumber Seeds

Everybody loves fresh and juicy cucumbers. It may take around 60 days to grow these seeds fully. However, you would get healthy cucumbers from these seeds.

4) Organic Protein Mix

Garbanzo bean, adzuki beans, mung bean and green peas are a protein-packed powerhouse. If you buy this seed mix, then you can get all of them.

5) Carrot

These non-GMO carrot seeds will germinate within 21 days. These seeds will grow into sweet, nutritious, and healthy carrots. So, enjoy your salad with these carrots.

6) Basil

Basil can be an indispensable part of your meal. These green-colored basils are easy to grow and they have antibacterial properties. Hence, grow them and add more flavor to your food.

7) Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper is full of vitamin C and Vitamin A. Just grow these seeds and you will get thick flesh and great colored pepper. So, these peppers are perfect for farming.

The above seeds are packed and shipped under excellent conditions. So, fresh and healthy seeds will reach you. They are easy to grow and these seeds are completely natural. So, plant them and eat nutritious vegetables.

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