BedJet: For Everyone Wishing to Sleep in Comfort

Everyone wishes to enjoy a comfortable sleep. The temperature plays an important role and can help you sleep better whether you are single or not. WestJet offers a variety of beds with the feature of controlled temperature that can enhance the quality of your sleep and keep your body away from excessive heat or moisture. Here is a list of the best 7 products you can look at in order to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort Sleep System

Ideal for couples with different temperature preferences during sleeping, the Biorhythm sleep technology in this model can help you sleep better and enjoy independent warming or cooling on each half of the bed. You can adjust the bed's airflow settings and your preferred temperature by degree with the use of remote control. The system is suitable for any brand mattress and bed frame.

BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

Based on a combination of natural ingredients, including lavender, tea tree, and chamomile this aromatherapy kit will freshen up your sheets and provide a cozy scented sleep environment. All you need to do is add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the diffuser pad and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Cloud Sheet Accessory

BedJet Cloud Sheet Accessory is made of 100% soft cotton and can evenly distribute the warming or cooling air in your bed. Although it may look just like a typical top sheet, this accessory feels great against your skin. When combined with the Comfort Sleep System, it can fully eliminate the feeling of flowing air and help you enjoy a pleasant sleep.

BedJet Flat Hose Accessory

The perfect addition to your BedJet setup, this flat hose accessory can replace the round air hose that typically accompanies the BedJet box. With a thinner shape, this accessory can fit perfectly to every type of bed frame and is particularly useful when your existing round hose doesn't bind tightly to your bed.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

If you and your partner enjoy sleeping in the same temperature environment, then this system can be the greatest addition to your bedroom. Its small and sleek design is great since it will perfectly fit under your bed and its high performance will keep you sweat-free during your sleep. The system is equipped with both a cooling and heat mode to choose from depending on the season.

BedJet 3 Air Filter Replacement

Although every BedJet system comes with a washable filter, in case it gets damaged, you will need a quality replacement. The installation process is really simple, you just have to ensure that the new filter tightly clicks into position. It comes at an affordable price and it can be used as a replacement for BedJet 3 only.

Air Hose Extension

Offering 8 feet of hose length, this extension is perfect in case you have trouble locating your BedJet air hose. You can easily plug it into the existing air hose on your own and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is particularly useful if you have a sleigh bed that offers minimum space to work around.

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