How We Cleaned A Dingy Secondhand Rug

Cleaning a dingy secondhand rug can be an arduous task, but with some work and a little patience, you can do it! Here’s how we did it on our own.

Key Steps

1) Vacuumed the rug as much as possible to remove any loose dirt and dust. We then let the rug dry for about two days before beginning to wash it in the washing machine. For this step, we used a mixture of water, mild dish soap, and vinegar (1/8 cup each).

2) We washed the rug on the gentle cycle for five minutes. It came out looking new again.

3) We then washed it again in the washing machine using the same mixture of water, mild dish soap, and vinegar (1/8 cup each).

4) When it was dry, we used a clothes steamer to remove any remaining stubborn stains.

5) We then let it dry overnight before placing it in its final position.

6) We placed a large blue rug underneath to help lift it.

7) The rug looks as good as new!

FAQS about cleaning a dingy secondhand rug;

How long did the cleaning process take?

We cleaned the rug for about three hours. However, we did have a lot of breaks in between to allow it to dry and to let our backrest recover.

What’s good about cleaning a secondhand rug in your own home?

Cleaning a secondhand rug yourself is cheaper than buying a new one from a store. It also helps save you money in the long run.

Cleaning a secondhand rug is also enjoyable, especially when your friends come over to see how it turns out!

What’s NOT good about cleaning a secondhand rug yourself?

The only thing we didn’t like about cleaning our own was the smell. The vinegar and mild dish soap that we used gave off a strong smell that lingered in the air. It smelled like vinegar for the two days after cleaning, but it wasn’t very bad at all.

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