How We Added Needed Storage To Our Smaller Home


Adding storage space to a smaller home can seem like an impossible feat. But we found a clever way to add more storage space to our smaller home without spending any extra money! Below is how we added needed storage to our smaller Home;

1) Bring Your Hooks In

We found that bringing in hooks to hang curtains and accessories is a great place to store items. This fits perfectly in the curved walls of our bathroom, which was one of the few places we could hang things. We used small hooks to hang towels and a larger hook to attach a large canvas with cute decorative letters on it.

2) Adding Corner Shelves

We recently added a window box in the kitchen with some succulents. The only thing it was missing was some storage. The solution, we decided, was to add corner shelves! We found that these were the perfect size for all of our spices and oils too! We also hung up some decorative baskets so we could throw our food and kitchen items in there as well.

3) Grow a High Garden

If you have a small porch or patio, why not grow some plants that can be hung on the wall? We found these awesome brackets that we attached to our house and then threaded some wicker baskets through them to hold plants. They’re also great for holding towels, magazines, and other items!

4) Use the Ceiling

You’d be surprised how many items you can store in your ceiling! Luckily our house has a lot of large open spaces in the ceiling that we weren’t using. We hung some lights and all of our flat-screen televisions are now up there, and we still have a ton of space up there.

5) Add a Dressing Area

In our small bathroom, we have this dressing area that takes up a lot of wall space, but it was perfect for storing all of our shampoos, soaps, and other washroom essentials. We added a shelf to the side with small baskets to hold everything in place. We found these baskets at Target, or you can check them out here.


It wasn’t too difficult to add storage to our smaller home. We found that these solutions were effective and they didn’t cost us any extra money, which is always a good thing!

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