7 Growing Kits For All Plant Lovers

Mini Microgreens Growing Kits

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to grow your own microgreens for salads, sandwiches, or garnishes? This single serve kit includes everything you need to grow your own microgreens, from mist sprayer to grow container and everything in between.

Self-Watering Microgreens Kit

Free yourself from all the fuss and mess of growing plants with this self-watering microgreens kit. This kit offers a brilliant way to grow your favorite veggies for salads like radish, broccoli, cilantro, and more.

Hamama Microgreens Starter Kits

This all-in-one kit offers everything you need for growing microgreens at home. It comes with an easy to follow guide and is designed with self-watering properties to make planting greens easier than ever.

Barnwood Planter Microgreens Kit

The search for the perfect way to plant microgreens is over because with the Barnwood Planter Microgreens Kit, you can grow healthy microgreens easily. This kit contains a plastic drip tray, organic radish seeds, mist sprayer, and so on.

Hydroponic Chia Growing Kit

This growing kit offers minimal mess as it does not require soil. It can also be easily grown on any countertops inside or outside your home. Some of the amazing benefits of growing this microgreens are the vitamins it offer such as protein, amino acids, Vitamin A, B, C, and E.

Sectional Hydroponic Microgreens Starter Kit

The best microgreens kit for starters, this sectional hydroponic kit offers easy to follow steps on how you can grow multiple microgreens on your kitchen countertops or living room tables. Each sectional kit includes several drip trays and an instruction list to help you get started.

Hydroponic Microgreens Starter Kit

Get 6 varieties of seeds in one kit with the Hydroponic Microgreens Starter Kit. Your family and friends will surely appreciate harvesting your very own nutritious veggies in no time with this kit.

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